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Slow Down and See Jesus

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Several weeks ago the Chancel Choir sang this anthem “Slow Down.” During rehearsals we had several discussions about the text. The composer, Edwin T. Childs, is a highly trained church musician who is retired from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.The choir found real comfort in the words. I hope you will as well.

Click this link to listen to "Slow Down."

The words are:

Slow down and see Jesus

Slow down and see the Lord face to face

Slow down Oh foolish one with eyes so blinded

Slow down and see His face

Slow down and hear Jesus

Slow down and hear His words, soft and clear

Slow down the noise that crowds our the Savior’s speaking

Slow down and hear His voice

Slow down and feel Jesus

His hands and feet were wounded for you

Slow down you troubled soul and busy mind

Slow down and feel the peace that He gives.

Click this link to listen to "Slow Down."

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