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Music Break: I Pray For Real

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

In these difficult times when I find myself dwelling on the negative, I've started consciously looking for small positive moments that can uplift my spirits and improve my outlook. To that end, I've recently come across some new music from an artist known as Peter CottonTale that is timely, spiritual, and positive.

Click here to listen to tbe single "I Pray For Real."

In an interview about his album "Catch", Peter CottonTale (aka Peter Wilkins) said:

“What really helped me in my walk in trying to formulate this album was my experiences with Jesus, my testimonials with God, and my faith, and formulating how those things look to me as someone 28 (years old), born in 1991, versus how those things used to look to my mom or my dad or my grandparents or somebody else’s grandparents.
We go through a lot of things that are relatable faith-wise, but they don’t always look the same. So it wasn’t the practice of doing the same thing religiously, it was really just relating to what’s happening, breaking that tradition and being like, ‘Hey, this is me of faith.' Jesus and God say come as you are. This is me presenting myself as I am.’”

Here are the lyrics to the chorus:

I pray for vision, I pray for wisdom I pray for weapons against the system I pray for freedom to free the victims To heal the brain, no pain inflict 'em I pray for real, I pray for real I talk to God then wait for real Can't fake the fall, can't fake the feel I pray for fun, I pray for real I pray for y'all (Ah-ah-ah) I pray for y'all (Ah-ah-ah)

Here is an article from The Chicago Tribune about the artist Peter CottonTale.

Click here to listen to tbe single "I Pray For Real."

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