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It Is Well With My Soul

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

By David Irvine

As we continue to worship online, singing together is something we cannot do. And I, for one, miss it terribly! The bad news is that when we are able to worship together again in person, it will also not be possible to sing together for safety and health reasons. With that in mind I offer you the opportunity to visit some of the great hymns of the church. And PLEASE do sing along!!


Words by Horatio G. Spafford (1873)

Music by Philip P. Bliss (1876)

Horatio Spafford was quite successful as a senior partner in a Chicago law firm. He had invested heavily in Chicago real estate when the Great Fire of Chicago in October 1871 wiped him out financially.

Then, two years later, his wife and his four daughters boarded an ocean liner for a visit to Europe. Horatio was to follow after he dealt with business concerns in Chicago. On his wife’s and daughters’ voyage their ship was struck by another ship and quickly sank killing 226 people, including his daughters. Horatio’s wife survived and sent a telegram saying, “Saved alone – what shall I do?” Spafford took the next available ship to join his wife. During the passage, the captain notified Spafford they were nearing the place for his family’s ship had sunk. When they came to that place, he stood on deck contemplating the terrible thing that had happened to his family.  But then, sustained by his faith that his daughters were not at the bottom of the ocean, but were rather in the bosom of God, he retired to his cabin where he wrote this timeless hymn.

Life will confront us as well. The songs we sing in the darkest of midnight will be the very songs that show us the unwavering faithfulness of God who loves us so much. The darker it gets, the more we should sing!

May you find comfort as well with this video from the a cappella group “Vocal Point”:


Please be advised that this video may be preceded by a short advertisement. First Presbyterian Church has no control over the ad you will see.

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