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Have Fun Doing a Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

by Diane Cretin

I have always admired people like my daughter Casey who are good at making clues to lead you from place to place in a quest for the final prize in a scavenger hunt. I enjoy scavenger hunts - the satisfaction you get from figuring out the clue and the thrill of a good find.

There are so many types of scavenger hunts. Cory Myers is good at creating a picture scavenger hunt for the youth. I think the youth look forward to it because it is so much fun and they get to share fellowship while they participate.

Right now is a great time to do scavenger hunts in your yard, while outside on a walk, or even in your house. You could even get creative and make up your own scavenger hunt for a sibling or parent.

And here's the thing: a scavenger hunt can be very simple; basically a nature walk. I would encourage you to go the Facebook page for Westminster Woods and watch a video called I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds Me Of(At-Home Nature Activity #6). That video will help you slow down and answer some questions about what you see. It is also where I heard this Sherlock Holmes quote.

So I encourage you to pick one or two of the following scavenger hunts and have some fun:

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