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Puppy Chow

Do you have a favorite holiday snack? A treat that you look forward to making every year? When I was a young adult living in Los Angeles one of my roommates was from Arkansas and her mom sent her a holiday care package with a holiday snack that she called Puppy Chow. You may have heard it referred to as Muddy Buddies, Reindeer Chow or Monkey Munch. No matter what you call it, its absolutely delicious and addicting. It's impossible to only eat one handful of it. Now that I've introduced it to my kids we have to make it at least twice during the holiday season or I never hear the end of it.

Here is the recipe from the back of the Chex Cereal Box:

We've been making it since my daughter was in preschool. If you love peanut butter and chocolate you'll love puppy chow!


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