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by Darcy Fluitt, Director of Children's Ministries

The month of March has arrived and we find ourselves waiting…to move from purple to red…to get back to school…to get the vaccine… and for summer to come and a chance for a bit of normalcy. It is with these challenges in mind, that our elementary children begin a new series on PATIENCE-waiting until LATER for what you want NOW. Talk about perfect timing!

As always, our monthly series has a fun theme to help engage kids as they learn more about God’s Big Story. This month, it’s all about baking. Whether you’re watching the timer as your brownies are baking in the oven . . . or you’re waiting for things in the world to get better . . . you wish you could just fast-forward to the way things WILL be.

So if we are all waiting, why don’t we bake? Let’s get into the kitchen and make our favorite cakes or cookies. It doesn’t have to be from scratch. Out-of-the-box is fine. Let’s share some pictures and even win a prize. So far, two bakers have accepted the challenge…Don Fluitt and Avery Stockert.

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