• Shawna Rundstrom

Fun with Sidewalk Chalk

I tend to be an "on the go" type of person. I don't really like sitting at home, I'd rather be out socializing, and exploring new places. I always jump at the chance to do something fun with friends, so this season of social distancing has been a whole new ball game for me. One of the first things I realized during this time is that I needed to come up with some activities to keep my kids busy. I knew that being outside was going to be important for them, and one thing they really like to do is draw with chalk on the sidewalk. I came across this really cool sidewalk chalk project and it turned out to be a big hit.

First use some painters tape to make a square on the sidewalk.

Add lines inside the square.

Use sidewalk chalk to color in the squares with different colors.

Pull up the tape to reveal your masterpiece.

And there you have it. Beautiful sidewalk chalk art. We even added a kind message for our neighbors as they walk by.

We would love to hear about fun activities you and your family are doing. If you'd like to share them, email me at shawna@fpcsantarosa.org


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