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First Kids Keeping Busy at Home

Sonoma County has been under "Shelter in Place" for just about a month, and many of our First Kids have been keeping busy at home with their families. With Distance Learning in full swing, kids are now finding cozy spots in their home to study and families are coming up with creative projects. Here are some photos of some of our First Kids and what they are doing at home:

Matthew and Josh Hurtado have been doing some art projects and putting them on display in their home.

Belle has found a cozy spot to do her schoolwork.

The Murphy boys are having lots of playtime, lots of art, and Greg is teaching Gabe to play the trumpet!

Micah has welcomed a new French Bull Dog puppy named Bandit into his family.

McKenna is using her skills she learned from her garden class at school to plant some tomatoes.

Mallory is making sure her dog helps her with her schoolwork.

Olivia had some fun making crystals.

What kinds of activities have you been doing during this time? If you have something you'd like to share email me at

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