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VBS At Home

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

If you’ve been a part of First Presbyterian Church Santa Rosa, for any significant length of time, you would most likely agree that FPC has quite a history when it comes to Vacation Bible School. My first experience with VBS at First Pres was Summer 2014. My daughter McKenna had just finished her first year of preschool at Presbyterian Preschool and we had been attending First Pres for only about a month and a half. Angel Maszy approached me asking if I would be interested in helping with the preschool VBS class. At the time I was working full time in the evenings, and my kids were ages 2 and 4 so I almost said no, as I felt like it was too big of a commitment. But, my desire to have my kids have fun and learn more about Jesus outweighed my concern about being overwhelmed, so I said Yes, and I got to experience VBS at First Pres. I was amazed at the love and care that went into VBS, the preschool class was only for the kids of people that were volunteering to help with VBS, yet they still got to experience everything for themselves, crafts, songs and music time, bible story and of course outside fun!

Little did I know in 2014 that 5 years later I would be directing VBS at First Pres. But, I love to think about how God knew that, and he also knew that in 2020 VBS, as well as all church events would look completely different. When I first found out that events at church would not be resuming this summer, I figured that meant no VBS at all, but then I found out that the curriculum that we were going to use came out with resources for families to do VBS at home. So, a few volunteers helped Darcy and I pack up kits of 5 day’s worth of lessons, crafts, snacks and the link to a special VBS video that families could watch online. Some of our volunteers helped us put these kits together and we delivered them to families that registered for a kit. This years VBS theme is FOCUS Take A Closer Look. Here are some photos of some of our First Kids enjoying these kits.

Charlotte decorated a cross for her craft time, the lesson that goes with this craft is that you can pray anytime, anywhere about anything.

Yanoch made the Floating Ball Challenge craft, the lesson taught with this craft is that life can be full of ups and downs, like this floating ball challenge. But when you put your focus on Jesus, you can get through it.

Lucy had lots of fun doing the VBS activities. In the third photo she is learning about God by focusing on what she can see in creation. Using a magnifying glass to spy for little bugs among the rocks.

At the end of each lesson kids could write or draw in their journal that comes with 3-D glasses, which enhances the artwork inside. Lysander had fun working in his journal.

It was such a blessing to hear that families are enjoying these kits and spending time together Focusing on God.

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