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God is Creative & So Are We: Art for Everyone

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

I started out calling this post "kids' art project," but I did this project alongside my daughter and it was very fun, and also soothing to my frazzled nerves. Everyone can do this project.

So adults, if you are feeling trapped while you shelter at home and want to do some art, go for it!

Honestly, if we want to get a little deep here, God is creative. God created everything out of nothing, and created us in God's own image. Which means we're creative beings, too. Taking some time to do art feeds our God-given creative souls. You don't have to draw or paint perfectly, because only God is perfect. Just make art for the fun of it!

This project uses simple watercolor and drawing techniques. If you don't have supplies at home, you can get everything you need at the GROCERY STORE.

This is all you need:

* Watercolor paint & brush

* Red, blue & green crayon

* Water

* Watercolor paper

or white construction paper

* Tape

Here are the images we used for inspiration...Monet's Water Lilies:

And here's a what my daughter and I made:

We're not Monet, but it sure was fun!

We also did a more complicated version, using oil pastels and a little more technique.

If you'd like to do this oil pastel version, you can find the instructions at Projects with Kids.

For the crayon and watercolor version, here are some step-by-step instructions.

(For preschoolers, you can simply have little ones draw basic shapes on the page in crayon and painting watercolor over top.)

After you have gathered your supplies:

Tape your paper to a flat surface.

We taped directly on the kitchen counter.

This is so your paper won't curl up when it's wet.

With a green crayon, add a zig-zaggy line across the center of the page.

This is your horizon line.

Now do your bridge:

It's just two smooth arches with parallel lines.

Next, you'll add your water lilies. They are like squashy sideways hearts:

Then you'll do your flowers.

These are just "U" shapes, layered on top of each other.

Now we do a water wash on the page:

Get your brush wet in clean water.

Brush this plain water all over the page,

The whole page should be damp.

Now we paint:

First the pond.

Dip your brush in the blue paint.

Touch your brush to the wet page.

The paint will spread. Pretty cool!

You can add whatever colors you like.

We did blue and green.

They will blend on the wet page.

Now the sky.

We chose red, orange, and yellow.

Here you can see how the colors blend on the page.

And that's it!

Now just let it dry.

I hope you enjoyed this project! Share

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