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Discover Some Creative Online Discipleship Resources

Allie Shoulders, Director of Adult Discipleship, shares some online resources to enrich your Bible Study. Allie writes:

Here are two worthwhile, imaginative and well researched online resources that I hope will inspire your spiritual walk from home and add depth to the written word. Bible Project: This creative online video collection features short lessons on different books and themes of the Bible. The purpose of the ever-growing collection is to “Help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.” The short videos (7 minutes or so) give the major themes and outlines for a particular book of the Bible or topic and give tips on how to successfully engage with the actual book or topic. There is a fun connection to First Presbyterian as well: the production manager and now studio director for the Bible Project is Miriam Chesbro, the daughter of our own Laurie Hartmann.

Below is a link to the video for 1 Timothy.

Lewis Doodles: C. S. Lewis’ writings have played a major role in modern apologetics and theology. Many people credit him as a major influence in their understanding of Christianity. He wrote in a variety of genres and is one of the most quoted authors on faith. But to read Lewis’ theology books takes concentration, and I think sometimes people give up before they get the hang of his brilliance. The book that is now known as Mere Christianity was originally created as a series of BBC radio talks in London during the dire days of World War 2, a time that required sacrifice and, in that and other ways, has some similarities to our own time. There is a playful element to these short videos but they serve also as a powerful learning tool. The talks are organized by chapters or by the original installments of the BBC broadcasts.

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