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The Mystery of the Marred Dresser

A Story about Truth and Character

By Darcy Fluitt

This month elementary kids are talking about Integrity-choosing to be truthful in whatever you say and do. As I was preparing for our weekly lessons, I was reminded of an experience my daughter, Amy, and I had when she was in elementary school.

Amy had a playdate with her friend, Jenny (although we did not call them dates back then.) A few days later, I received a call from Jenny’s mother. She was extremely upset, to put it mildly. She said that Amy had carved part of her name in Jenny’s dresser. There was only an “A” and an “M”, but obviously Amy had done it. As I was listening to the mom, I looked at Amy in horror.

I hung up the phone and screeched at her, “How could you have carved your name in Jenny’s dresser?”

My girl looked up at me with shock and confusion. “Mommy, I didn’t do that!”

As I looked at Amy, I knew she was telling the truth. Her eyes began to tear up. She was hurt that anyone would think her capable of such an act.

Now what to do? Jenny’s mom was convinced that Amy was the culprit. I sat with her on her bed and said we were going to pray. I prayed that God would show Jenny’s mom the truth, that the whole story of the carved letters would be revealed. Within a few minutes the phone rang. I went into the kitchen to answer it. Jenny’s mom, now using a very apologetic tone, was on the other end. My Amy had been vindicated. It was Jenny’s friend, Amelia, who had done the carving!

Following this incident, I talked to Amy about truth and character. She was a truthful girl. Her character was one of being kind, considerate and a little shy. Because I knew this of her, I could believe her. I asked Amy to forgive me for my initial accusation. We marveled at our amazing God who answered our prayer. This was a pivotal moment for Amy. It was evidence that God loved and cared for her. It was evidence that God is truthful and desires truth in our lives and in our relationships.

While musing about the mystery of the marred dresser, I messaged my 35-year-old Amy to ask her if she remembered this event. Her memory is as vivid as mine. She remembers the accusation and the revelation. I am thankful that God provides such powerful teaching moments for our kids.

Shawna and I look forward to seeing your kids this month as we discover more about how to live lives of Integrity.

See you soon on zoom,


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