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Slow but Sure!

Day after day, clouds stretch over the sky as the virus spreads across the globe. What we knew is on hold or altered in some way. Longing to visit friends and family and return to normal life ebbs and flows with each passing day. On Sunday evening, the weather channel promised that Monday would be sunny and warm. I found myself hoping the weather prediction would be right. To my delight, come Monday morning as I opened the curtains the sun emitted a beam of light that metaphorically shouted, “It’s going to be a GREAT day!”

Working at the kitchen table, my concentration was disrupted throughout the morning. It started when out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of a gray squirrel running along the top of the fence. In that very moment, I became acutely aware of innocence voices of our neighborhood children laughing in the background. Mixed among the pleasant sounds of the morning, my ears picked up the faint sound of Max, one of our neighbors playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata on the piano. In that moment, the confinement of past weeks faded away as I became absorbed watching tiny little sparrows flying eagerly, here and there gathering branches and leaves to make a nest under the flashing of our roof. Totally captivated by God’s creation, I reflected how Noah’s trust in God for he too, was shelter in place. I wait patiently, like Noah, trusting God’s timing to return to my normal routine.

Suddenly, that peaceful moment was interrupted by the clamoring noise of news anchors asserting their opinion as whom was to blame for the pandemic. I knew then, it was time for a break. One hand firmly held a nice cup of tea and the other hand switch off the rattling voices on the television. I knew in that moment, the meaning of “silence is golden.” My eyes drifted toward the bookshelf and locked onto one special book. As if it was calling out to me, I removed it and within minutes, I found myself sitting on the porch swing and transported back in time. The birds chirping a sweet melody, a gentle warm breeze surrounded me and for a while, the world stood still. Opening the book brought back happy childhood memories of “The Tortoise and the Hare.”

As I began to read this fable, I was reminded that the hare and the tortoise both had the same goal in mind and that was the finish line. The hare runs ragged while the tortoise moved along steady and slow. In comparison to the hare and the tortoise, in this confinement season, we, all, are focused on the ultimate goal of returning back to our normal lives. Being sheltered in place, forces us to pause, and hopefully helps us to be more aware of things we miss in our otherwise busy world. I believe that God is with us in all things, good and bad.

During this time of uncertainty, I prefer to trust in God who walks beside us in all things, including the pandemic. I hope my attention is diverted to the little things like the little squirrel, birds chirping, the innocent sound of children’s voices, the beauty of music and just being still. I am encouraged by the Tortoise, who takes life slow and steady at a gradual, more mindful approach to daily living. Psalm 27 reminds me of the truth that God is our help and stronghold in this life. He provides all we need to face each day and offers hope for the future.

Until we are together again,

Colleen Soldate

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