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Monkey Business! Silly Monkey Song & Super Easy Cookies

Monkeys! That's a good theme for today's post. How about a very silly monkey song and a cookie recipe so easy a monkey could make them?

I've written before about how much we love Veggie Tales in my house. Well, we also reference one of the silly songs from Veggie Tales constantly called Monkey Silly Song. It is truly silly and it makes us laugh soooo much. Please watch it, if you need a little humor break:

We also have a favorite cookie recipe that we call "Monkey Cookies" because when I found the recipe online years ago the notes said they were so easy a monkey could make them...and the name stuck. I don't know about a monkey making them...but they are so easy, I know the recipe by heart now. They only use 3 ingredients and are gluten free.


1 c sugar

1 c peanut butter

1 egg

Preheat oven to 350. Mix ingredients together in a bowl until smooth and creamy. Roll mixture into small balls and put on cookie sheet. Flatten balls with a fork into criss-cross pattern. Bake 8-10 minutes. Cool cookies on cookie sheet for 2 minutes before moving to a cooling rack.

Sometimes I'll mix in chocolate chips, for fun. I bet a monkey couldn't do that.

Finally, please enjoy this photo of a squirrel monkey sitting in a tree eating a cookie:

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