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Join Our Literature Group: Spotlight on Black Authors

I'm really excited to invite you to join our monthly literature discussion group that is starting on October 4 at 4 pm. We will meet once a month from October through May, starting on zoom and transitioning to in-person when small gatherings are given the green-light to start up. I've been reading a ton of books by contemporary Black authors and have an exciting line-up of literature for us to discuss. To sign up click here.

If you are wondering what discussing secular books has to do with church...well, Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves. A well-written book is a great way to get a window into the life experience of another person, and learning to see the world through another person’s eyes helps us to relate to other people with the love that Jesus commanded. 

In this time when racism has come to the forefront of our national conversation, discussing fiction rooted in truth can be a powerful tool to guide us in relating to one another with compassion.

Our initial spotlight will be on contemporary Black authors, starting with The Hate U Give  by Angie Thomas (October) and Loving Day by Mat Johnson (November). The books are available online at the library and through most retailers including Copperfield’s and Please note that the books have been chosen for their meaningful content and ability to generate thoughtful discussion, but may contain sensitive subject matter; such as: violence, language, and adult situations. If you need help locating a book, please contact Allie. To sign up click here.

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