• Shawna Rundstrom


Six months ago, our world changed. We were forced to keep physical distance from our friends. Whether it was virtually or at a physical distance, people figured out ways to keep their friendships going. Kids could no longer have birthday parties, so they turned into drive through celebrations or parties on Zoom, graduations became drive thru ceremonies as well. The method had to change but the goal of relationship stayed the same, and we all realized that friendship is important!

In order to have good friends, we need to be a good friend. So, what makes a good friend? How do we become a good friend and how do we choose good friends? That’s what our kids will be talking about this month during our Sunday School Zoom calls. FRIENDSHIP- USING YOUR WORDS AND ACTIONS TO SHOW OTHERS YOU CARE.

Each week we will cover a bottom line about Friendship: Choosing your friends carefully, Friends love one another, Friends encourage one another and Friends forgive one another. Each of these points to the connection between friendship and God’s character. We hope your kids will join us this month as we talk about Friendship!

Email me for more info about our Sunday School Zoom calls shawna@fpcsantarosa.org

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