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Free to Dream!

by Colleen Soldate

There are so many things I took for granted before March 17th. The main thing was my freedom! Freedom to go shopping…just to look around, call a friend to get together or drop by See’s Candy to purchase a Butterscotch sucker. Now, I’m limited to going shopping only when necessary and connecting with people is mostly through Zoom meeting.

This afternoon as the cumulus clouds spilled across the sky it reminded me of my childhood. One of my favorite things as a kid was to lay under a tree and watch the clouds slowly drift by. With the branches of the trees shading my tiny form, my mind was carefree to imagine the clouds to be anything I could conjure up. As I was reflecting on some of the animals I had imagined seeing in the cloud, my computer alarm suddenly interrupted my daydreaming...only to remind me of a special zoom meeting with some young folks.

As the meeting began, everyone chimed in saying “Hello.” The kids laughed and freely shared their lives with one another. It was most refreshing to hear the innocence of children and wisdom simply put. I can only hope that their time together will create fond memories that they too will reflect on in their future.

After the meeting, I needed some vegetables for dinner. As I drove into the shopping center, I noticed that Crystal Corners Donut shop was closed. This made me sad, to think that one of our long-time businesses may be experiencing financially difficulty due to the pandemic. In the past 35 years I can’t recall a day when the donut shop was closed before late afternoon. Now, I’ve noticed they are only open a few hours in the morning. The owners have children the same age as ours and throughout the years we shared our lives together just like the young folks that met earlier in the day. It is my belief that we can learn a great deal from our young people if we open our eyes and have the courage to act to help those around us in our community.

Mother Teresa said, “I experienced many human weaknesses, many human frailties, and I still experience them. But we need to use them. We need to work for Christ with a humble heart, with the humility of Christ. He comes and uses us to be His love and compassion in the world despite our weaknesses and frailties.” Jesus commanded us to “love one another.” We have the easy part which is to be still and listen to the Holy Spirit for guidance in how to help in every situation. Each of us live within a community, let us not be afraid to reach out and help one another. Let us find joy in our memories and never take anything for granted.

Until we are together again,

Colleen Soldate


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