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Free Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook & Other Free Support

I talk with a therapist every week for support. I like to think of it as maintenance for my well-being. Just like I take the trash out and do my laundry on a regular basis, I think it's important to keep tabs on my mental and emotional state (especially as a pastor and a parent since people rely on me to be as centered and balanced as possible). My therapist and I have continued our conversations via phone during the shelter-at-home and it has been helpful to have a regular check-in time to talk about whatever stress has come up.

Last week when we spoke, she recommended a free online "Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook" put out by the Wellness Society. I've spent some time with the workbook and it is really great! The workbook is a completely free resource that covers everything from techniques to reduce anxious thoughts to resources for dealing with isolation to ideas to help with feeling scatter-brained while working from home and dealing with work-life balance issues. I highly recommend it.

You can find it online at this link to the Wellness Society's website

As a supplement to the workbook's section on practical wisdom quotes (p. 8), I recommend this collection of Bible quotes on worry and anxiety from

As a supplement to the workbook's section on further resources which includes some links to meditation resources (p. 27), check out my super simple daily prayer practice.


Other Free Resources for Support:

Sonoma County has instituted a "warm line" for free and private phone support if you or someone you know is experiencing emotional stress and anxiety during COVID-19. The number is (707) 565-2652. More information and other resources available on the Sonoma County Emergency website.

Additionally, if you are a person who needs twelve-step support of any kind and you haven't been able to hook up with a local zoom meeting, please check out They have meetings for just about every twelve-step group you can think of in a chatroom format.

Finally, here is a link with information about a crisis text line. You can text the number 741741 to be connected to a crisis counselor for text chat support.

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