• Shawna Rundstrom

Finding Joy in SIP

For my family May is usually a very busy month. We have our wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, my husband’s birthday, end of the school year activities, Memorial Day and prep for summer festivities. Needless to say, this May is feeling quite different. One thing about this time of Shelter in Place is that it has allowed me to do some things I have wanted to do, but not made a priority.

One of those things is riding a bike. I rode a bike when I was a kid, but since becoming an adult I really haven’t. My kids have really been into using their bikes, but my husband and I were having a hard time getting to the park with them because we couldn’t keep up while we were walking and they were riding. So, on Mother’s Day my husband and I bought ourselves bikes. All four of us rode home from the Bike Shop through downtown Sebastopol. I hope no one saw me because I probably looked silly riding a bike after nearly 30 years, but it felt so good to be outside and doing something active as a whole family. Later that day we took a ride again around the neighborhood. I know for many families bike riding is something they do regularly, so it may sound silly that this feels like such a big accomplishment, but I honestly don’t know if I would have ever ended up getting a bike if it weren’t for being forced to slow down, which gave me a desire to find opportunities for us to get out of the house as a family. As much as I would love life to go back to the way it was, I am learning to find joy in these moments.


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