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Exercise Break: Taking Care of God's Workmanship

A recent conversation during our zoom fellowship hour* turned to how much several of us missed our regular exercise routines during COVID, especially when the air is smoky or when it is really hot outside. This conversation led me to thinking about how important physical exercise is for physical and mental health. Of course, each person has her or his own physical abilities and health challenges, so naturally taking care of our bodies through physical movement will be different for each person. Yet, whoever we are, our bodies are described in the bible as the temple of the Holy Spirit and as God’s workmanship and taking care of our bodies as we are able can be one way that we show gratitude for God’s goodness to us (1 Cor 6:19; Eph 2:10).

With that in mind, I found a couple of fun videos on YouTube for varied fitness levels that I thought I would pass along, especially since we have a heat advisory again this weekend!

My favorite online fitness videos come from “HASfit” (Heart and Soul Fitness). The classes are taught by a couple named Coach Kozak and Claudia, and the workouts come in all fitness levels. Coach Kozak and Claudia lead the exercises with kindness and enthusiasm. I've included a link below for exercises for limited mobility and low-impact cardio.

For a change of pace, I also tried out two dance workouts (and I am not a dancer!) that were set to the Hamilton soundtrack. The videos were super fun and the instructor is charming. I didn’t notice the time passing - but I was very sweaty when I finished! I've included links to these videos below, as well.

*if you'd like more information about joining us on zoom, please visit and subscribe to our weekly mailing list.

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them (Ephesians 2:10).

20 Minute Exercise for Seniors or Anyone With Limited Mobility

30 Minutes Beginner Low-Impact Cardio

Hamilton Dance Workout Part 1

Hamilton Dance Workout Part 2

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