• Shawna Rundstrom

Bibles for Second Graders

We are in a difficult time right now with our County facing another fire. But we wanted to take some time to share about something sweet that happened last week for some of our First Kids.

Our church has a very special tradition that takes place each fall. All 2nd graders are given their very own Bible during our worship service. This is a tradition that has been taking place for a long time, many of you or your kids may remember receiving a Bible as an elementary student at First Pres.

We encourage kids to bring their Bible each week to Kids Church as we take time during our small group lessons to use the Bibles to look up our memory verses.

This year since we are not able to gather together in the sanctuary, we delivered the Bibles to each child’s house along with a highlighter and sticky notes to highlight and mark their favorite verses.

It was so wonderful for Darcy and I to see the kids and give them their Bibles. One thing we noticed after not seeing the kids for a while is that they have all been growing taller, and now we look forward to helping them grow in learning about God’s word.

On Sunday during our Sunday School Zoom call the 2nd graders brought their Bibles and looked up Proverbs 17:17, they read it aloud to everyone on the call and highlighted it with their highlighter. We pray these 2nd graders will always cherish God's word and find encouragement in it.

"Your word is like a lamp that shows me the way.

It is like a light that guides me." Psalm 119:10

Here is a video we made to honor this special occasion.

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