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Beginning from a Place of Rest

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A close reading of the first chapter of Genesis shows us that we as human beings began our first day on the planet on a "day off." After all, God created humans on the sixth day and rested on the seventh!

Genesis also counts the start of the day as evening - "there was evening and morning - the second day." This means from a biblical point of view, we start each and every day at rest.

Taking time out to rest reminds us that while we are resting, God is at work. Only God keeps the world spinning! When we remember this, and honor God's command to rest, we "work from a place of rest, rather than desperately needing to rest from our work." Resting shows that we trust in God above our own capacity to get things done.

This summer, regular posting on our community page will slow down some as our staff takes time off away from work. We'll still be posting, just not quite as often.

I hope that you are able to take time to rest in God's love, too.

PS: If you'd like to delve deeper into understanding the spiritual practice of rest and other spiritual practices to help you draw closer to Christ, you're invited to join our book study on Survival Guide for the Soul beginning on Friday July 10.

Look out for an email sign-up or email our director of Adult Discipleship at allie@fpcsantarosa.org.

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