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A Sweet Christmas Story…How Our Tree Got an Angel

By Darcy Fluitt

During the month of December, our elementary kids had fun showing off their Christmas trees on our Sunday morning Zoom calls. We took an informal poll to find out what adorned the top of their trees. There were only two answers: a star or an angel. I told the kids that I always put an angel at the top of my tree. Upon closer examination of my angel, who looked a little disheveled and halo was askew, one of our 3rd graders announced that she would make me a proper angel. A week later, on Sunday afternoon, there was a quiet knock at our door. So quiet, not even our dachshund, Molly, was stirred to check it out. Don went to the door and there on the step was a little angel made from sparkling chenille stems. With a proper halo, this little angel now sits atop my tree. I don’t know if you have an angel or a star in this place of honor, but let us take a moment to remember their place in the story of Christmas. As we look ahead to the New Year, may we be like the angel and proclaim the Good News and like that bright star in the dark night, shine the light of Christ to point others to Him.

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